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Our Story

One Mom

Two Babies

One Husband

This Magical
Formula Created

Sound Machine

with a passion

with colic

with a heart
of gold


Meet Samantha

The mom behind ByeByeCry

Hi, I'm Samantha!
And that handsome guy sitting next to me is Eddie, my amazing husband.

Together, we're the team behind ByeByeCry®. When I say "team," I mean it. This baby sound machine is a Mom-vention, developed by me, but I never could had done it without the support, love and energy that Eddie gives our family every day.

I love to dream.

Being a mother has always been the biggest dream of my life.

  • Cuddles & Snuggles

  • Baby Coos​

  • Adorable Giggles

But when I actually became a mother, my dream became a nightmare. It wasn’t all sunshine and daisies like the other moms told me it would be. My daughter had severe colic. She never smiled and all she did was cry…

For one whole year.

My precious baby was inconsolable. I felt so sad and helpless. No matter what I did, I wasn't able to comfort her.  Other mothers expressed feeling euphoria or a deep connection, but that wasn’t my experience. I was beyond thankful she was healthy, but still couldn’t help thinking: this can’t be motherhood.

My husband and I searched high and low for solutions.

We tried... Gripe water | Gas drops | Probiotic drops | Holding our baby in different positions | Wearing our baby in a carrier | Walking around  24 hours a day | Going outside | Warm baths | Car rides | Swaddles | Bottles designed for air reduction | Soothing sounds | Singing | Switching nipples | Burping every ounce

Nothing was good enough. 

After running ourselves ragged every day and night, all we could do was wait out the storm, but toward the end of my maternity leave, I started to notice something... Our little one would instantly calm down whenever I would vacuum. It was like magic. What's a mom to do? I mean - I pride myself on keeping our house clean... but not 24-hours-a-day-vacuuming clean. So, I whipped out my iPhone and recorded the vacuum’s whirring – and apparently calming – sound. This recording was a true lifeline that helped us through the first year of parenthood.

Then came my second daughter.

When I got pregnant with our second child, I feared the same fate that I was dealt with my first. Low and behold – on Day 4, my second daughter was diagnosed with severe colic. WAS THIS A JOKE? This lifestyle was all too familiar, and it felt crazy. Mom Guilt. Anxiety. Doubt. They all crept in again. On top of all the other challenges that come with being a parent!

Ding Ding! Round 2.

We were exhausted and defeated. But just like the vacuum sound worked for our first daughter, something caught our second baby girl’s attention. Regular, everyday sounds we’d hear on our walks around the neighborhood, or in our own home. Sounds like...
A lawn mower​ | A hair dryer | A vacuum (again!)
And stay with me here...
A chainsaw | A jackhammer

These noises were my allies.

NOT the gentle lullabies, playful crickets, or the "thump thump" of a heartbeat. I started noticing a big change in my baby’s mood and comfort level. When we’d walk or drive by one of these sounds – my little one was immediately calmed. There was something about the sounds. So I started playing more of my recordings of these sounds at home. Bingo. They WORKED!
At first, it felt ridiculous. Almost comical. I’d look around our empty kitchen waiting for someone to crack a joke about our new way of life. It still felt like I was living in a circus, listening to a chainsaw most of the day and night – but hey, IT WORKED!

I was finally able to enjoy motherhood.

Some days the lawnmower was the winner. Other days it was the vacuum or hairdryer. There were moments in the day when my baby was calm and able to rest peacefully. And I was finally able to enjoy motherhood. This was a dream come true. We had found an answer. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Even more, I wanted to create the sound machine that my husband and I had so desperately needed.

It was time to help others.

I realized the universe was trying to tell me something. So I listened. Helping mothers, fathers, and babies survive colic became my mission. I had to create the solution. After trying the top 10-20 sound machines on the market, I rolled up my messy mom-sleeves and got to work. I developed a unique white noise machine that had helped my colicky babies, and my hope is that you can find peace with this device, too. Because nobody has time to search for yet another baby sound machine.

You've Googled enough.

I knew other parents around the world were going through the same struggles. More than anything, I wanted to share what I learned from my two colicky babes. After lots of work and experimenting – and more sleepless nights – but this time, creating something to help families…

ByeByeCry was born!

The best part? This sound machine is designed to work for ALL babies because you can't predict if your little one will have colic. I designed a SINGLE sound machine that adapts to your baby, colicky or not. ByeByeCry® grows with your child as they outgrow colic. And, if your family expands, you’ll still have a trusted sound machine to help soothe any future non-colicky babies, too.

Fast forward a few years.

Our two beautiful daughters are thriving. They smile and laugh all the time. Our bond is unbreakable, our connection and love for one another are undeniable. All my worries that I would not be able to feel that immeasurable love due to those tough colicky days… Well, those anxious feelings are gone.

Yes, our house can still feel like a circus, but isn’t that life?! What seemed like a never-ending phase has passed. I know we went through it for a reason: to help other parents and babies.

You are not alone. There is a light at the end of this colicky tunnel.

Join us on social media and use the hashtag #byebyecryclub to share your experience conquering colic.

Welcome to the ByeByeCry® Community!

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