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You’ve tried everything.


Now it’s time to give you and your little one some well-deserved peace and calm with the pediatrician-recommended ByeByeCry® Sound Machine.


ByeByeCry® is not a cure for colic... it helps to bring comfort to your little one when nothing else works. Use our colic-engineered sounds on their own or in conjunction with other soothing techniques.


Sounds like Chainsaw, Jackhammer, Lawn Mower, Hair Dryer and Vacuum help to soothe your colicky or fussy baby as they capture their attention and regulate their nervous system.


ByeByeCry® is portable and lightweight. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just slightly more than a tennis ball.

ByeByeCry® Sound Machine | Sounds Engineered to Soothe Colic

$69.00 Regular Price
$54.99Sale Price
  • The FCC-Approved and Pediatrician-Recommended ByeByeCry Sound Machine has 10 sounds that are engineered to soothe colicky and fussy babies and are designed to mimic the decibel level in the womb.