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Choosing the Best Sound Machine for Your Baby – Everything You Should Know

“Will we ever sleep again???” I asked my husband in the a.m. hours of the night.

The answer was unclear.

But what was clear was that we needed help.

Who knew that the help we needed would actually come from noises in our neighborhood and home? You see, our two daughters both had severe colic. At the time, there was no sound machine that could comfort them. So when I discovered that their colicky cries would subside

  • at the noise of a lawnmower outside or…

  • when we passed a jackhammer at a construction site,

I was floored… And a bit relieved.

We’d found something that worked! The problem?

No sound machine we looked at had all these sounds. I had to record these sounds and keep them on my phone. Then I’d frantically scroll to find which one would work at that particular moment. It was a mess.

Fast forward a few years, and ByeByeCry™ Sound Machine for Colic was created. I’m so glad that this sound machine is now an option for families. You deserve the best.

How to Choose the Best Baby Sound Machine

When it comes to baby sound machines, the number of options and features can be confusing. Overwhelming.

  • Some sound machines have to be plugged in to make noise.

  • Others only work through an app on your phone.

  • Prices for baby sound machines can range from super cheap to close to $100 (ouch!).

  • Baby sound machines come in all shapes and sizes.

A couple is overwhelmed by prices and paperwork.

Meanwhile, at home…

  • Your baby has colic and is crying NONSTOP. Nothing seems to be working!

  • We bought a sound machine, but the shape, style, and sounds aren’t what we expected

Never fearHelp is here!

Whether your baby has colic, choosing the best white noise or sound machine for your little one is an important decision. It stays with your family for years. Here’s a simple checklist of questions you need to ask yourself before buying a baby sound machine.

In the end, you’ll be all set to confidently click “buy”!

Easy Checklist of Questions for Baby Sound Machine Shopping

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the best baby sound machine for your family.

And when you see the ✔️sign, we’ve confirmed that the ByeByeCry™ sound machine for colic has that feature. We’ve done the work for you!

1. My baby has colic. What’s the best white noise machine for colicky babies?

A baby with colic may cry for hours on end. Every baby needs love and care, and colicky babies need a little extra TLC. Some standard sounds or white noise do not work for babies with colic. They may already be too upset or in a state of discomfort. The generic sounds may not be stimulating enough for them.

With our two babies with colic, what worked best were unconventional sounds like a hairdryer or even a lawnmower. Having these sounds available on a sound machine is essential.

If you’re not sure if your baby has colic, check out our blog post with a few signs to look for. And consult with your pediatrician.

✔️ByeByeCry™ is a premier baby sound machine designed to help babies with colic. Not only does it have 5 sounds for colic soothing, but there’s a specific button designated for the colic sounds: the button with the heart.

We love our little ones with colic. We want to make sure that parents and caregivers have a clear, easy way to play the sounds for colic.

2. Do I want white noise or soothing sounds for my baby?

Why not have both?

Many sound or sleep machines have one or the other. Babies – especially colicky babies – respond to many different types of sounds. It may take a bit of time to find what works best for your baby, but you’ll definitely want options.

✔️ByeByeCry™ baby sound machine for colic has sounds that help calm babies with colic. These sounds include Chainsaw, Vacuum, Lawnmower, Hairdryer, and Jackhammer. The sound machine also includes soothing sounds for anytime fussiness. These sounds are Ocean, Fan, Shushing, Rain, and Classical.

3. Does the sound machine need batteries?

Batteries aren’t only a pain to shop for… they’re bad for the environment, corrode, and come in so many different sizes. As a parent, you need simple, safe, and clean.

A rechargeable sound machine for a baby’s nursery is the best way to go. You never have to worry about changing batteries. You can simply plug in the USB cord into an outlet and recharge the device.

✔️ByeByeCry™ is fully rechargeable and does not require batteries.

4. How many sounds do I need on the white noise or sound machine?

Not too many, not too few. Like Goldilocks, you’re looking for a number that’s “just right.”

Having 100+ options will probably feel overwhelming. Likewise, having only 1 sound can be limiting. Aim for a happy medium in between.

✔️ByeByeCry™ has 10 custom-recorded sounds - 5 soothing sounds and 5 sounds designed for babies with colic.

5. Is it portable?

When you have a baby, you realize that on-to-go means All. The. Time. You’ll need a sound machine that can travel with you.

  • On a stroll

  • In the car

  • On vacation

Plug-in-only baby sound machines limit the places you can go. You’ll need a portable

device that can keep up with you and baby.

✔️ByeByeCry™ is a portable, lightweight, (and fashionable!) baby sound machine.

6. Does it come with a night light feature?

A night light is a good feature on a baby sound machine.

You’re sleep-deprived.

It’s 3 a.m.

There’s nothing worse than stumbling through a dark hallway to a dark nursery when your baby is crying. Get an all-in-one baby white noise machine. Save yourself the hassle of buying a separate nightlight… and bulbs. No, thanks.

✔️ByeByeCry™ is there to light the way with a gentle, soft-glowing night light.

7. Can I adjust the volume or play option to meet my baby’s needs?

Most white noise machines for baby will have this feature. You’ll definitely want to be able to control the volume.

Depending on the sound machine, a button, dial, or another mechanism may control the volume. A continuous play option is also important, especially if you have a colicky baby. This will eliminate any interruptions from external noises, etc.

✔️ByeByeCry™ lets you control the sound machine’s volume with two easy buttons - one for up and one for down. It also has the option to play continuously PLUS a timer you can set for 60 or 120 minutes. Continuous play is a BIG help so that a baby can keep sleeping and not be awakened by the machine shutting off.

8. Is assembly required? Does the sound machine have many parts?

You’ve built a crib and a dresser, and have a lifetime of toy assembly in front of you.

You do not need to build a sound machine! Search for one that has the fewest parts to keep track of.

✔️ByeByeCry™ comes ready to use with no assembly required. The convenient silicone strap is already attached to the device for added comfort. It latches onto a shoulder strap, stroller, etc.

9. What price should I pay for a baby sound machine?

This is totally personal and depends on you and your family. I look at purchasing a sound machine as an investment.

Invest in your baby’s comfort. Invest in an incredible source of support for you.

✔️ByeByeCry™ has an affordable, competitive price that mirrors the quality of the investment. It’ll grow with your child and be by your side for naptime and nighttime for years to come.

10. Any special features I should look for?

On the market today, you’ll find sound machines with tons of bells and whistles… literally! I always go for the simpler, the better – especially as a busy mom.

So, if there’s an added feature, I ask myself, “Is this something that I’ll use?” “Will it help me and help my baby?” If so, it’s worth it.

✔️ByeByeCry™ has a useful lock feature so that the sounds don’t turn on and off by accident. Let’s say your baby’s asleep on a stroll. You bump a button. If the lock feature is on, you don’t have to worry – sounds keep playing, and your little angel keeps on snoozing.

11. I’m tech-savvy. Is there a sound machine with an app?

High-five on the tech-savvy-ness! My husband and I are the same way.

I always recommend having a trusted, physical sound machine for baby. But once you fall in love with the sounds, you may want a backup plan or be able to access them on your phone. I get it.

AND… it’s great to be able to use it on the go. If you forget your sound machine at home, then you’ve got an app to save the day.

✔️You’re in luck! ByeByeCry™ sounds can also be found in the App Store. Available for download with the ByeByeCry™ App in April 2023.

Shopping online for a baby sound machine.

12. I’m ready to buy a sound machine for my baby but am curious about what others say…

Reading testimonials and reviews can help.

Here are some rave reviews from ByeByeCry™ customers.

“ByeByeCry™ has been a lifesaving sound machine. Our baby has colic, and he was always upset. We tried tons of other sound machines and apps… But the ByeByeCry™ sounds are so unique and just what our little boy needed. Thank you!” -Mom, California

“These sounds WORK! This baby white noise machine is a true wonder. Our little girl can eat and calm down during a colic episode thanks to these specialized sounds. We’re so grateful this product exists.” -Mom, Ohio

“We didn’t know if our baby would develop colic, so we bought ByeByeCry™ just to be prepared. Luckily, our little one is not colicky, but we’re so glad we chose this sound machine. The soothing sounds are high-quality, and our baby loves the ocean one! And if our next baby has colic, we’re all set!” -Dad, Texas

Happy Shopping! And then… Happy Snoozing!

A baby sleeping soundly.

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