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A Blog Is Born - Welcome to Our Community for Colic, Parents, and More

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Hello, World!

It’s so lovely to meet you.

You’re here to witness a Birth. The Birth of a Blog. (Phew! No pushing today.)

While this “baby” has definitely been “cooking” for more than 9 months, it’s finally time to introduce it to the world. Like all labors (yup, you’re in for tons of parenting jokes and puns) of love, the ByeByeCry™ community has been formed through blood, sweat, and tears.

Lots of colicky tears.

Are you a new parent? An expecting mom? Or do you have a friend or family member struggling to help their baby through colic? No matter where you’re at in life, we’re so glad you found us.

We’ve developed an important product to help colicky babies. Now we’re creating a community with real-life stories, honest answers, and helpful tools and tips that are lacking when it comes to supporting parents through colic.

Let’s get to know one another.

This Is Us – Meet Samantha and Eddie

We’re not actors – we’re a real-life couple, doing the parenthood thing. Just like many of you.

We can’t promise a meet-and-greet with Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia… we wish! But what we can promise are invaluable resources and real talk about parenting babies with colic and parenting ourselves as we grow through it.

Sure, we love to think our lives are Emmy-worthy! So here’s a little peek behind the scenes.

What Our Life Looked Like Before Having Kids

Samantha and Eddie smile and hug as they share what life was like before having two babies with colic.

We promised you this blog will be grounded in honesty. So here goes!

Hmm… How would I describe our life together before we became a family of 4?

  • Carefree. We could do what we wanted when we wanted.

  • Social. We were both known to be very social. Life was a party. We loved to go out dancing all hours of the night together.

  • Romantic. Eddie made me feel like I was the only one in the room. He’d do anything to make me smile. Still does.

  • Spicy. Our love life was passionate and full of excitement.

When we got married, we expected the fairytale to continue. In many ways it did. We wanted to grow our family and we welcomed change. We were looking forward to the next chapter of our lives and both felt it would be the most exciting one yet.

And Then What Happened?

We welcomed two beautiful baby girls to the world, a few years apart.

I had longed to be a mom and was overjoyed when I became one. But my joy quickly dissolved into feelings of overwhelm, sadness, and confusion.

Both of our little girls had severe colic.

Feelings of doubt and sadness consumed me.

  • I felt so behind in developing a bond with my baby.

  • I worried that we would never get there.

  • I felt like a stranger some days.

  • I sadly did question, What if that love never grows?”

  • “What if I never catch up because I feel like I missed the whole first year of bonding?”

It was so sad and devastating to feel that way.

It might sound crazy, but these were my real thoughts. (I promise you raw and real in this blog.)

My thoughts were valid. But far from the real outcomes.

Here’s my message to you: If you have a colicky baby and are struggling, don’t lose heart. Your child will grow out of it and develop a beautiful, unique personality. For example, my oldest daughter never wanted to cuddle, and now she is super affectionate. Everyone who meets her notices her sparkle and joy… she is MAGIC. And so is our littlest one!

Is That What Inspired the Creation of the ByeByeCry™ Sound Machine?

100% – our daughters have inspired so many things in our life.

The sound machine for colic is one. And it’s particularly dear to our hearts because we know it can help so many other parents’ daughters and sons.

When Did You Decide That a Sound Machine for Colic Was the Answer?

After our first little girl cried for one year straight, I was exhausted. It was then that I discovered everyday sounds like the vacuum and hairdryer worked to calm her. I thought, Wow – wouldn’t it be great to have a colic sound machine so parents don’t have to search so hard for these sounds? But when her colic subsided, I just wanted to put colic in the past and forget about it.

Samantha and Eddie smile and hug as they share what life was like before having two babies with colic

This is me with my two girls. Our youngest was 4 weeks old, and I had started working on

developing ByeByeCry™.

I wanted to create the best baby sound machine for colic with some of the sounds that had worked to help soothe our little ones. It became my mission to come up with something that would make life easier for parents.

It was here that I thought, “Wow, if the vacuum can work well, what if I can discover sounds that work even better?” I started experimenting with unconventional sounds that I'd hear in our house or around walks in the neighborhood.

I started to test these sounds (e.g., lawnmowers and jackhammers). When I discovered the magic of the chainsaw and how well it worked to soothe colic, this “idea” changed from a pipe dream into something real. I knew I had to seize the moment and develop this product.

When Did You Realize That the ByeByeCry™ Sounds for Colic Actually Worked?

I realized the vacuum and hairdryer sounds worked to soothe our first baby.

With baby #2, I started experimenting and discovered the sound of the chainsaw – and the lawnmower and jackhammer. This was my “Ah ha!” moment.

Our second colicky baby started using these sounds the moment we found out she had severe colic. And the rest is history.

I’d like to say it felt magical, but it was more like tired relief. I used lemons to make lemonade. The sounds made colic more tolerable. Finally, I had a tool that could help our family survive.

Here I am recording the sounds for the ByeByeCry™ sound machine in a professional

sound studio in Manhattan.

Why Did You Choose the Name “ByeByeCry”?

I wanted the product name to say exactly what the device does. I thought the name “ByeByeCry” did just that. It’s clear, cute, and catchy!

Did You Ever Think About Creating an App for ByeByeCry™?

Funny you should ask…

I did!

The app will be available for download in the next few weeks! It is designed so you can take the ByeByeCry™ sounds with you wherever you go. We knew the app would be the extra bonus that parents needed to help soothe their colicky baby. There’re even bonus sounds available with the app.

What’s Your Vision for the ByeByeCry™ Blog?

There’s not enough support for families going through colic. Period. I said it.

Our mission is to share our story – real, raw, and reflective.

☑What worked for us

☑Open the dialogue with one another

☑Provide a safe space

☑Host a welcoming community

☑Be honest and real

☑Share our journey with the world

☑Show empathy and understanding for everyone's unique parenting community

☑Give parents the confidence to accept their journey as their own

One of the most heart-wrenching things about colic is how it can make mothers and fathers feel. And for new moms dealing with hormonal changes after the baby comes, the emotional toll is amplified.

There are many negative feelings that can come with postpartum and colic. Our goal is to shine a light on the darkness. Colic is so misunderstood.

We’re going to talk about things that many mothers are likely thinking and feeling but burying or too afraid to share or say out loud… because they worry they’ll be judged.

I’m inviting moms to come together. The ByeByeCry™ community is a safe place where we can unite and say:

  • YEAH! I felt that, too!

  • This is SO hard.

  • I am STRONG.

  • I ROCK!

  • I’m a BADA$$!

I’m here to elevate our voices and the topic of colic. To be the voice I wish I’d heard… So let’s DO THIS! Together.

What’s Next for ByeByeCry™?

This is us… now with two little girls! They’ve outgrown colic. And we’re currently working on our

family photo skills.

Honestly, there’s so much more to come! We’re just getting started. And there’s so much to talk about.

Yes, colic.

Yes, birth.

Yes, parenting.

Yes, relationships.

Yes, tools and tips, real stories, products that work, things you’ve never tried, and much more.

Everything you need is all in one place – here at the ByeByeCry™ Blog.

You won't want to miss a single post. Read it during nap time or under the covers after the baby is asleep. Or on the toilet. We’re keeping it real.

(and won't flood your inbox)

What Can You Do To Help?

Help us spread the word about colic!

☑Tell all of your friends about the magic happening here at ByeByeCry™ Blog

☑Join us on Social Media. We're on the 'Gram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest

☑Shoot us a DM or a message

☑Share our pages with your friends

Welcome to the ByeByeCry™ Club, friends. See you in your inbox next week!

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