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32 Best Father’s Day Gifts & Ideas for Dads to Make His Day Truly Special

A dad stands smiling while holding with his young daughter on his hip and is looking at her while she laughs.

Photo by K. Artocin Photography

If you’ve already done a stellar job picking out the best Mother’s Day gift for the new mom in your life – well done! (And in case you missed our helpful gift guide for Mother’s day, check it out here.)

Now it’s time to focus on dad.

Whether it’s his first Father’s Day as a new dad or you’re looking for some new ideas to celebrate him, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some of my favorite Father’s Day gifts and gift ideas to bring joy to all the dads and father figures in your life. Shop Best Father's Day Gifts & Ideas using the links below! These lists include #affiliatelinks.

Best Father’s Day Gifts & Ideas

Best Gifts to Give a New Dad on Father’s Day

A new dad hugs his baby and kisses him on the cheek.

Best Gifts for New Dads Who Are Sleep-Deprived

Just like we’ve recommended for a new mom on Mother’s Day, a perfect Father’s Day gift for all new dads is this sound machine. More sleep for your colicky or fussy baby = more sleep for dad and mom.

He’s up all night rocking and helping with feedings. A hammock is a great gift idea for a dad. He can catch some z’s outside during the baby’s afternoon nap.

One of the best gifts for dads is a weighted blanket. This can help relax him at bedtime and throughout the night.

Best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads to Give in the Morning

If the new dad in your life is a coffee guy, chances are he likes to dabble in different styles of morning brew. A great father’s day gift is this pour-over coffee maker.

I recommended personalizing a photo mug on Shutterfly for Mother’s Day and thought it is a perfect idea for Father’s Day, too. Fill your cabinets with family memories to enjoy every morning.

6. Breakfast in Bed

Let dad sleep in a bit and whip up a warm breakfast surprise that you can deliver right to the bed.

Best Gifts for Dad That Come From the Heart

A father and daughter paint a cardboard box house together and play.

Check out these thoughtful Father’s Day gifts for dads that have a special, personal touch.

7. Handmade Cards

This could look like a footprint or handprint of the new baby for a new dad, like these examples. Write the year to commemorate his very first Father’s Day.

We couldn’t help recommending this one for a Father’s Day gift. If you also bought one for Mother’s Day, then you’ll have a pair of heartfelt, touching books that are written just for you and your family.

9. A Scavenger Hunt of Messages

Leave post-its with sweet love messages and clues that will take dad on a Father’s Day journey around the house. You can have it end in the kitchen with a special Father’s Day breakfast to enjoy together.

This is a great gift for Father’s Day because it’s super easy to make a photo book of the whole year right on your phone. Download the Chatbooks app and select every photo you want. Each photo gets its own page and then it sends the book to you. So easy. I love the soft cover ones because you can flip through them quickly and see your year-in-review.

11. Framed Pictures

If you have a favorite picture from the hospital or the first few days of fatherhood, frame it in a special frame and gift it to dad on Father’s Day.

Unique Gifts for Dads

Gift this tool kit set to the dad who’s handy or is expanding his workbench.

If your partner is a golf-lover like mine, he’s sure to be excited about this indoor putting green that can bring the golf course home.

These gifts are just for adults. There might not be much time for a party right now with a new baby, but next summer this is a great gift for when the fellas get together for a fantasy football draft. Take these with you on a camping trip or set up the portable table in your garage when you have some friends over. They’re unique, fun gift ideas for dads. Plus, the cups and balls are glow-in-the-dark!

For the foodie dad, a perfect Father’s Day gift idea is a pasta maker. He can experiment with all kinds of styles. You can be the taste tester!

This is one of the best gifts for a dad who loves to grill. It’s perfect because this small cast iron cup sits right on the grill, and when it gets hot, he can use the grill gloves listed below to protect his hands and keep basting.

Speaking of grilling, this smoker is a great “big ticket” item for Father’s Day. We love to grill, so this was perfect to give to my husband as a gift. I just LOVE when my husband gets in the mood to cook! Cool feature: you can control the temperature right from your phone.

To the dad who loves cinema, gift this amazing indoor outdoor projector screen to create movie memories with the whole family. This is a terrific at-home event to do as a family night. Especially when you have young kids. Plus, you can have a date night right in your driveway!

And for on-to-go adventures, a great Father’s Day gift for dad is this small projector that can connect right to his phone. This goes with the project screen listed above. They pair perfectly together as a gift.

If your partner enjoys the outdoors, camping, etc., he’ll love this cast iron fire pit and firestarter crate. Cozy up next to the fire as you enjoy some s’mores under the stars to celebrate Father’s Day.

Best Gifts for Dad That He Can Wear

“His and hers” or “his and his” matching outfits for daddy and his mini are the cutest. Make sure to take tons of pictures to remember this Father’s Day forever.

22. Ball Cap

If he’s got a favorite team, chances are he’s worn out his favorite hat and it’s time for a new one

My husband LOVES these. They’re high-temp grill gloves that help protect his hands and make his grill time even more special.

Wanna get fancy? Gift dad a comfy bathrobe that tells the world he’s “DAD.”

Best Family-Centered Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

A dad enjoys a Father's Day breakfast with his son and daughter.

25. Family Movie Night

Make some DIY movie tickets, pop the popcorn, and cozy up for a family movie night on Father’s Day. Have some of dad’s favorite picks, so that he can choose what to watch.

Gift the whole family a set of adorable matching pajamas. Better yet, pair this with a family movie night for an extra-cozy Father’s Day celebration.

27. A Fun Day- or Overnight Trip

Maybe it’s a trip to the zoo or an overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Whatever the choice, dad will definitely feel the full-family love when you celebrate him with a special Father’s Day trip.

Subscription Boxes Are a Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dads!

We had some great ideas for Mother’s Day subscription boxes and just couldn’t pass up the chance to share our favorites for Father’s Day!

28. The Dad Box (by Bump Boxes)

This box is great, especially for new dads. It includes the “I Love You Daddy” children’s book, #1 Dad socks, a keychain, a baby onesie, and more.

This is another subscription box geared towards welcoming new dads to fatherhood. You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscription. Boxes include snacks, self-care products, baby toys, and more. A perfect box for dads and babies to enjoy together.

This gift for dad is all about him. He can enjoy some self-care by receiving monthly replenishments of shaving cartridges so he’ll never run out.

This Beer of the Month Club subscription box includes 12 beers from microbreweries across America.

Gift your grillmaster a subscription that delivers high-quality meat and/or seafood right to your door. (You can reap the benefits of this one, too. Bon appetit!)

How to Bring Joy on Father’s Day When You’re Struggling Through Colic

A new dad reads a book to his baby.

As a new mom, it’s easy to feel the pressure to “do it all.” That includes making your partner’s day special when Father’s Day rolls around.

Remember that Father’s Day is about celebrating and appreciating him. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It’s the thought and love behind it that counts.

We tried going out to eat on Father’s Day, but with our colicky baby being so miserable, takeout from our favorite restaurant was the better way to go.

Think of things that would make his day peaceful. This could be:

  • Letting him sleep in while you take the baby to your mom’s or a friend’s house. Since Father’s Day is all about spending time with your family, you could do this in the morning and come together for lunch.

  • Send him off for a round of golf.

  • Write him a love note showing your appreciation for all he does.

  • Go for a walk (& don’t forget your ByeByeCry™ sound machine!)

  • Make him a special playlist and go for a drive with the windows down (since the motion of the car can help calm your colicky baby)

Plan Ahead for Father's Day Adventures to Celebrate After Colic

A hollow coconut drink with a straw sits on a sandy beach with blue water in the background.

If you’re struggling through colic, it can be hard to feel fully present or in the moment, especially on special occasions like Father’s Day. That’s why it’s fun to plan ahead so you’ve got something to look forward to once colic subsides.

Things you can book ahead and enjoy later are:

  • Tickets to a future sporting event

  • A romantic weekend for just the two of you

  • Couples massage appointments or spa time

Remember to Spread Love to All On Father’s Day

Just like with Mother’s Day, many people experience pain and sadness when Father’s Day arrives every year. Whether it’s due to the loss of a father or child, or difficult memories and feelings about this day, everyone deserves love and support.

  • Check in on these friends or family members

  • Let them know you’re thinking of them (a card, phone call)

  • Depending on your relationship, invite them to spend part of Father’s Day with you

  • Choose a gift that may brighten their day


We’re wishing all the fathers and father figures out there a wonderful Father’s Day. You are loved and appreciated!

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