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Top Baby Registry Checklist Items + Essential Registry Gifts for Colic

A newborn baby cuddles up against his mom's chest while wrapped in a white blanket.

Whether you’re doing your baby registry at Babylist, Amazon, Target, or, you want to make sure you’ve selected the best products for your baby.

Baby registries are so fun to put together – it’s like shopping online, but for all your dream baby items!

Add the practicals and the wishes. You never know what a grandparent or baby shower guest might like to surprise you with!

Why Is a Baby Registry a Good Idea?

Baby registries have become more and more popular, more and more standard. As an expecting parent, you have A LOT to prepare for. A lot on your mind.

Adding a baby registry might seem like one more thing to do, but trust me – it’ll save you time in the long run! Here are a few reasons why having a baby registry checklist is a smart idea:

  • It helps YOU organize all the items you'll need for baby.

  • Friends and family are able to shop for your baby shower all in one place.

  • Instead of leaving guests guessing, they'll know exactly what you need and want.

  • A baby registry helps you put all your wishes and must-haves all in one list. Instead of a list on your phone, one on your fridge, and a million tabs open in your browser...

Some baby registries let you purchase items that haven’t been bought, at a discounted price later. Here are my top baby registry items to make sure to add to your list.

My TOP 16 Baby Registry Items

The ByeByeCry sound machine rests against an elephant stuffed animal.

(All links below are #affiliatelinks)

Every parent deserves extra help, and the ByeByeCry™ sound machine provides that, both for colicky baby support and for all babies. During naps, feedings, car rides – you name it! ByeByeCry is the perfect baby registry list addition.

This is probably my #1 baby product must-have (after the ByeByeCry™ sound machine, of course). It’s the first thing that gave us an ounce of freedom because you can put a baby in here at 3 months (when they can hold their head up, with full neck support). It’s safe and so cute once they learn to jump.

This changer is SO easy to clean and wipe down. I’d recommend this over any cloth changer or disposable changing pads.

Speaking of diaper changes, you’ll definitely need this on your baby registry list. It’s super compact and weighs next to nothing for the diaper bag. I loved this because then I could fit more stuff in my diaper bag. The original changing pad I had took up way too much space.

Ah… the Snotsucker. This is an important registry item because you never know when you’ll need it. It’s non-invasive and can help clean your baby’s nose when stuffy. Good news: it comes with 24 extra hygiene filters.

I love these sleepers from Target because they unzip from the bottom. This makes it SO much easier to change the baby. These keep them warmer when during diaper changes because you don’t have to completely unzip the onesie. There are lots of adorable colors to choose from.

Also, I hated buttons! Team zipper for life.

I LOVE this high chair. Add to your baby registry pronto!

The tray is magnetic. It’s so easy to take the baby in and out of the seat. Also, SO EASY to wipe down. This is one of the “messiest” baby products, so the cleanliness factor was important to me.

An expecting mom is gifted a gift at her baby shower surrounded by friends.

This is a must-have for anyone who travels, even to a friend’s house or the beach. It folds up with one hand and is super lightweight. Sand and sun, here we come!

Both of my girls used what are now the custom-recorded ByeByeCry™ sound machine sounds in this very swing. They often needed both the sounds and the movement to stop crying.

This baby product is great to use in conjunction with ByeByeCry. You can attach the sound machine to the top of the swing. We used this ALL the time. We actually bought 2 – one downstairs and one in our bedroom.

These books are literally indestructible. They can't be ripped, and babies can put them in their mouths. They appear as if they’re made out of paper, but they are not regular paper and are lightweight.

I’d recommend adding these as a baby registry gift option. The stories are cute and there are many different options. Add these to your diaper bag for on-the-go storytime.

Add some swag to your baby registry list. This diaper bag is stylish and fits comfortably on your back. You definitely want to be hands-free when carrying the baby or a car seat. (At least I did!) There are many colors to choose from.

Splurge on a bag for the beach! That’s also part of the fun of creating your own baby registry. Plus, people love to buy “fun” gifts they see on the list.

This tote bag is so easy to see inside. It never tips over. I cleaned with water and wipes after a day in the sand.

You’ve already added a car seat to your Hospital Bag Checklist, so now it’s time to add it to your baby registry checklist!

This rear-facing only infant car seat was our choice, and we’re so glad we bought it. This car seat was one of the lighter models and much easier for me to carry since I have a bad neck/back. It’s also compatible with select strollers UPPAbaby strollers, so you can pair them together.

We LOVE our UPPAbaby stroller. We now have the one built for two kids. You can choose which style and version you want to add to your baby registry.

We also purchased the stroller with the bassinet and used it a ton. It’s on the pricier side, but we felt it was worth every penny. These strollers are so easy to push and feel like luxury. When pushing our stroller, my husband says, “It feels like butter!” Highly recommended!

We had their umbrella stroller, which was perfect for quick trips and strolls. It’s lightweight and of great quality.

You may not think you need this one... but TRUST ME, you will. The SlumberPod is the first portable, privacy sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their safe and familiar playard, mini crib or toddler air mattress with room to sit up or stand up inside.

It has a stretchable, breathable fabric, blocks 90% of light, a ventilation panel, monitor pouch, 2 fan pouches and more!

It's great for travel, but you can also use it at home or when you visit relatives for the night.

Baby Registry List Items Specifically for Colic

A colicky baby cries in her crib.

I’ve already mentioned the ByeByeCry™ sound machine as a gift recommended for any baby registry list. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to add ByeByeCry to your Amazon Baby Registry.

If you’re looking for more baby registry items that can support colic, look no further! Here are a few that you can add to your list.

This is for any moms who are formula-feeding. I never had the one with the app, but this looks awesome. If I were pregnant now, I’d add this one to my baby registry.

These are the bottles that we used with both our first and second colicky babies. They’re at the top of my baby registry “must-have” list.

Gripe water never actually worked for either of our colicky babies but doesn’t hurt to be prepared and have it on hand.

These drops did actually help minimally on random days. They weren’t game-changers for us, but each baby is different. These can help with colic. Plus, it’s very easy to put the drops in their bottle.

Unique & “Just-for-Fun” Baby Registry Items

Dad and son play with baby toys on the floor together.

Both of our girls loved these, especially when they started crawling. They’re great baby registry gift items.

The Manhattan Toy Company is terrific! This toy is great for gripping, sensory development, and teething. It’s colorful, and babies love it.

Another popular toy that also acts as a teether later is Sophie the Giraffe. It squeaks, and this gift set even comes with a small teether. Perfect to add to any baby registry checklist.

Baby Registry Must-Haves for First-Time Moms

We use this every day. To this day. This helps with so many things: dry skin, scratches, and boo-boos as they start to crawl. This is a baby registry list staple.

Diaper rash is real and can happen to babies at any time. It’s important to have a baby registry item that can help you tackle diaper rash.

I like this one because it is hypoallergenic, phthalate- & paraben-free, and includes zinc oxide to treat the rash.

Baby Registry Websites to Use for Your Registry Checklist

A baby boy celebrates his first birthday with a birthday hat and cake.

There are many different sites you can use to set up your baby registry. They’ll all have many of the same options for products. Some mamas-to-be like to set up a couple of different registries (i.e., Amazon baby registry and Buy Buy Baby registry) to give friends a family multiple buying options.

Here are just a few to choose from.

Baby Registries That Include Freebies!

A baby sits on his dad's lap, opening a present.

What expecting parent doesn’t want a free baby gift box?!

These registry sites offer free welcome boxes, sign-up perks, or fun freebies when you create your baby registry. Note: there are specific rules or terms that need to be met to receive your freebie, so make sure to read the fine print.

When you sign up for the Amazon Baby Registry, you have an opportunity to also receive a FREE baby registry welcome box. It’s full of different sizes of surprises for both parents and babies.

Restrictions apply. Per the website, “The Welcome Box is available to customers with active Amazon Prime accounts, who create a Baby Registry, complete 60% of their Checklist and have over $10 of purchases from their registry (by themselves or others).”

You can buy this $10 baby registry welcome box once you set up your registry. In return, you’ll get $10 in Rewards. Your box could include products such as baby wipes, diapers, lotions, apparel, and much more.

Another company that offers a FREE baby registry welcome box is Walmart. To qualify, you need to sign up on the website and have an existing Walmart Baby Registry.

Target gives expecting parents a FREE welcome kit that includes coupons and samples. You need to sign up for a Target baby registry first. Then head to your local store’s Guest Services to check on availability and request your kit.


No matter what baby registry checklist or service you use, you’ll be able to organize and plan ahead for the arrival of your new family member. There are so many terrific baby products to choose from out there.

Don’t forget to add the ByeByeCry™ sound machine to your registry. Happy Shopping!

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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