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25 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Moms + How to Surprise & Wow Your Partner

Purple flowers, a card, macarons, and a gift box are on a table to decorate for Mother's Day.

When it comes to celebrating a new mom’s first Mother's Day, it can be a bit daunting trying to plan the *perfect gift*.

You’ve probably already thought of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Those are always top choices for Mother’s Day gifts. You can’t go wrong.

But if you’re looking to really make your partner’s very first Mother’s Day as a new mom special, I’ve rounded up some unique, amazing ideas for gifts to give.

Take it from a mom who’s been there. I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day as a new mom and how special my husband made it for me.

Here’s to making this year’s Mother’s Day memorable for the new mom in your life! Here are the Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms.

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Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms on Mother’s Day

Gift set for mom for Mother's Day.

Best Gifts for New Moms Who Need Help Sleeping

A perfect Mother’s Day gift for all new moms. A baby sound machine that helps soothe colicky and fussy babies can, in turn, support more sleep for mama.

Another relaxing gift to give on Mother’s Day. Help a new mom drift off to sleep with an aromatherapy eye mask.

Adding a silk pillowcase to her nighttime sleep situation is a great idea to pamper a new mom.

I wish I’d been gifted this for Mother’s Day when I had our first baby! Check out this calming pillow spray from Rowe Casa Organics that combines lavender, cedarwood, and chamomile.

Best Gifts for New Moms Who Need Help Waking Up

5. Coffee

This one’s a no-brainer.

Choose her favorite cup ‘o joe brand, and wrap it up for Mother’s Day. If she nixed coffee during pregnancy, that’d be a welcome sight for a new mom.

Pair it with the coffee gift. You can personalize a brand new coffee mug on Shutterfly to commemorate your partner’s first Mother’s Day as a new mom. Add a picture of the whole family or your newborn. She’ll cherish this one forever!

Bring the spa home.

These hydrating masks will help a sleepless new mom with those bags under her eyes. For added benefits, let her schedule some alone time to use these while listening to relaxing music and sipping a beverage.

Another awesome pick from Rowe Casa Organics. Let the new mom in your life choose her four favorite gifts to complete a face care spa set.

A nursery for a baby boy.

Best New Mom Gifts for the Nursery

So your partner’s still organizing the nursery, even after baby arrived? Yeah… I did that, too. I kept finding cute things to add! Here are some favorites.

New moms still love nesting. These are great for collecting and organizing toys, stuffed animals, and baby blankets.

This play gym is awesome for newborn play and tummy time.

If she didn’t already receive one at her baby shower, this is a great Mother’s Day gift to help a new mom keep track of her baby’s monthly milestone pictures.

Unique Gifts for New Moms

If you’re looking for a sentimental, tear-jerking gift, this one’s for her. These personalized books are a touching Mother’s Day gift for a new mom.

Another thing that a mama might have been craving but couldn’t fully enjoy because of the heartburn and more during pregnancy… hot sauce! This gift bundle will get her taste buds going again. *If she’s breastfeeding, you may want to consider another non-spicy, food-related item.

If your partner enjoyed sipping some vino before pregnancy, this could also be a nice way to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. *Same as the spicy sauces: If she’s breastfeeding, you may want to consider another non-alcoholic beverage.

Gifts to Embrace Motherhood as a New Mom

This website is awesome. From beauty & wellness products to clothing for mom and baby, a new mom can enjoy an online shopping spree for Mother’s Day.

Another lovely choice for motherhood clothing. The new mom in your life can order cozy sleepwear and outfits that make her feel good in her postpartum body.

Every new mom deserves the initiation of becoming a Mama Bear… with a brand new cozy shirt. There are tons of colors to choose from.

Best Cozy Gifts for New Moms on Mother’s Day

A new mom wears cozy, furry, pink slippers with a fireplace in the background.

Every new mom deserves a new pair of fuzzy slippers.

19. Robe

I packed one of these in my hospital bag, but if your partner doesn’t already own one, they’re an absolute must!

Now – don’t forget to cook up something yummy like waffles or a fancy omelet to fill up this tray with a Mother’s Day surprise breakfast!

Give the gift of comfort for a mom’s first Mother’s Day.

Subscription Boxes Are a Great Mother’s Day Gift for New Moms!

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving… These subscription boxes are PERFECT to brighten a new mom’s first Mother’s Day. For months to come!

A self-care box is exactly what a new mom needs for a little extra love postpartum. She can enjoy teas, candles, and bath products, plus much more.

This subscription box has so much included for the value. New moms will love customizing their boxes each month to fit their needs and wishes.

This box is cruelty-free and vegan and comes with all kinds of great products to pamper a new mom at home.

This box subscription for moms has lots of different choices, so you can find the perfect one for the new mama in your life.

How to Make Mother’s Day Special When You Have a Colicky Baby

When you’re a new mom, you probably dreamed of your first Mother’s Day with your new baby. You might have even celebrated your first Mother’s Day when you were pregnant – that counts!

But you’ve been waiting for this magical moment when the baby arrives and that special day in May is here. It’s all about you. Your new role. Mom.


Your baby has colic. She’s crying for hours, and it’s impossible to leave the house.

If the baby is colicky, it may be a better idea for Dad to just order food or make a special Mother’s Day dinner for his wife at home.

Once upon a time, my husband typed up a menu for me and named it “That’s Amore.” He set the table with fancy dinnerware, laid out a red checkered tablecloth, bought a small vase with fresh flowers, and placed a candle with a glass votive.

He also had a single rose on the table… And when I came in, he pretended to be my butler! He had a white towel over his arm and everything! He poured my wine when I walked in. It was the most romantic meal and gesture in the world.

Surprise Mother's Day Celebrations That Will Wow Your Partner

A fancy Mother's Day dinner overlooking an island is set for two, complete with flowers, silverware, and candles.

For the mom whose love language is more in line with Acts of Service or Quality Time, plan something to look forward to as a couple – just for you and your spouse. This could be:

  • A special weekend getaway

  • Gift card for a photo shoot for mom and baby

  • Tickets to her favorite concert/show/event

  • An adventure experience (hot air balloon ride, sailboat trip, private helicopter tour)

  • Develop and frame a favorite picture of mom and baby or personalize a special item on Shutterfly

Plan this a few months in advance, and surprise the new mom in your life with some news she’s sure to love! That way, you can both have something to look forward to during the challenging first few months as new parents.

Other ways to go above and beyond to celebrate the new mom in your life on Mother’s Day include:

  • A handwritten love letter. Let her know how proud you are of her. What an incredible job she’s doing. And how great of a mom she is. If your partner is struggling with colic or postpartum (which is completely normal), comfort her by letting her know there’ll be brighter days ahead.

  • Alone time. It is OKAY to want some alone time on Mother’s Day. On one of my favorite Mother’s Days, my husband let me sleep as late as I wanted. He brought me breakfast in bed, and we spent some time together. Then he let me have the afternoon to myself to do whatever I wanted. I binged my fave shows on Bravo, went to hang out at my mom's house, and then came home to spend the remainder of the day with my husband and daughter. It was blissful.

How to Show Extra Love to Those In Need On Mother’s Day

I also want to recognize people who might have a difficult time on Mother's Day. This could be for a range of personal reasons (loss of a mother, loss of a child, lack of relationship with a mom, and many more reasons). Some ways to show these moms extra love on Mother’s Day include:

  • Check in on these friends or family members

  • Let them know you’re thinking of them (a card, phone call)

  • Depending on your relationship, invite them to spend part of Mother’s Day with you

  • Choose a gift that may brighten their day


And Dads – don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten about you! We are cooking up a Father’s Day post just for you.

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