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Best 23 Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas for New Moms

 newborn baby sleeps in a basket with a stuffed animal and booties on the wood floor next to it.

I just went to a friend’s baby shower, and the gifts and gift baskets were to die for! So cute. So many adorable new baby products to enjoy.

And it got me thinking… What about MOM?

Yes, the newborn baby is of course the biggest gift of all. The bundle of joy everyone’s been waiting for.

But sometimes after birth, moms can be "forgotten." I don’t mean literally. It’s just that often the baby is the center of attention, for good reason. And especially for new moms – it's easy to overlook personal needs or forget about self-care.

Remember: when caring for a newborn baby, the caregiver must first be taken care of.

23+ Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas for New Moms

Why Is a Postpartum Gift Basket Important?

A postpartum gift basket for a new mom is one of the most important and needed gifts you can give. Every new mom needs the support and love of her friends and family. Giving a gift basket can help ease her transition into the fourth trimester.

 A new mom gift basket contains a sponge, cloths, baby mittens, and a teething toy.

A new mom gift basket is such a treat. It can be full of surprises or some of her favorite delights. Moms are notorious for being givers, always thinking about the baby or their partner. So gifting a postpartum gift basket can be an excellent opportunity to help a new mom stop and think about herself and her needs.

Even if just for a few moments.

What Kind of New Mom Gift Basket Should I Deliver?

It’s definitely the thought that counts. There’s not a “right” or “wrong” gift basket to give someone who just gave birth.

If you’re wondering what type of gifts to put in the basket, there are different ways to organize your new mom's gifts:

  • DIY gift baskets

  • Pre-made gift baskets

Pre-made gift baskets can include 1-time purchases or a subscription gift box for moms. Sending snacks and food options as a “welcome home” gift is always appreciated. Self-care gift baskets for new moms are also a top choice.

What Should I Put in a DIY Gift Basket for a New Mom?

ByeByeCry Sound Machine lays in a gift basket with baby booties and two pacifiers next to it.

Here are some top picks for items to put in a postpartum gift basket for a new mom. I wanted to share gifts that I received and loved, gifts highly recommended by mom friends, and gifts I wish I’d received after birth. (Most of these links are #AmazonAffiliate links).

Every new parent deserves to have a high-quality sound machine to help them settle their newborn. The ByeByeCry™ sound machine is the perfect gift to add to a postpartum gift basket.

2. Healing Food & Teas

Postpartum teas, bone broth, and protein bars are at the top of my list for gift basket ideas for new moms. This Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea, Thrive Market’s Beef Bone Broth, and Macro Bars are some great options for thoughtful gifts.

3. Babysitting Coupon

You can design and make a cute, personalized babysitting coupon to put in the postpartum gift basket. New moms always need help and this way she’s got a free ticket she can use anytime she needs a babysitter!

Customize a DoorDash gift card for the new mom in your life (& her expanded family). This is a perfect postpartum gift because taking care of a newborn and cooking 3+ meals a day isn’t always manageable or even possible.

A postpartum gift basket is full of gifts like fuzzy socks, water bottles, sleep masks and tea.

5. Frozen Home-Cooked Meals

Another great way to help new parents with food options is by preparing home-cooked meals. Freeze some homemade casseroles, enchiladas, or soup, and take a basket of yummy meals to your friend.

6. Sushi Gift Card & Chopsticks

This one goes out to all the new mom sushi lovers who had to give it up during their pregnancy. I was right there with you. I couldn’t wait to get my chopsticks on my Spicy Tuna, Rainbow, and California rolls.

Pair it with these adorable reusable chopsticks. Your mom friend will think of you every time she eats her favorite food!

7. A Bottle of Wine

Cheers to bringing home baby! A bottle of wine can really top off a postpartum gift basket, especially if a new mom has been looking forward to a sip after 9 months.

And if you gift a bottle of wine, you can couple that with these alcohol test strips. If she’s breastfeeding, these strips can give peace of mind and help a mom know if her breastmilk is safe for baby after having an alcoholic drink.

This is a great, time-saving postpartum gift option for a new mom. When washing hair feels like a luxury during those long newborn days, she can grab this from her gift basket and feel like she had a shower.

I definitely had these in my hospital bag, and I’d also recommend them for a great new mom gift basket gift.

What new mom doesn’t want a new pair of PJs?! Pajamagram sells eco-friendly pajamas made with eco-soft technology and exceptional breathability. Some pairs even have a cooling effect – great for those moms who gave birth during the summer.

 A new mom sits in a chair with cozy, striped pajamas and holds her newborn baby.

Head to Target (or shop online at & slip on this collared, soft nightgown. Who needs pants? A new mom will feel refreshed and ready for nighttime.

I packed these in my hospital bag. And I’ve never stopped using them. I’m obsessed and still wear them every single night. These are the actual panties I still wear and cannot live without them. #grannypantiesforlife

While we’re talking about underwear, these period panties are super soft. For postpartum, this is a great gift basket idea – practical and comfortable!

A new mom can use these organic sachets to make a soothing sitz bath or a padsicle for postpartum perineum care.

This soothing foam is magic. It helps with swelling and provides cooling relief… down there.

Another fun topic after birth: hemorrhoids! This is a very useful and much-appreciated gift for a new mom. She’ll thank you later.

18. Colace

Not the most romantic or “cozy” gift, but definitely essential to help a new mom “go.” This stool softener is often recommended to help with postpartum poo. (I always said I’d keep it real at the ByeByeCry Blog!)

*For other postpartum care products (nipple cream, ice packs, care for C-section scars), it may be best to wait until after delivery before spending tons of money on vaginal birth or C-section care products. Unless you have something you’ve used before or swear by, you may be able to make the best decisions for you and your body/situation after birth.

Fresh lavender and sachets are arranged with bows in a gift basket, perfect for a new mom to receive.

19. Basket of Flowers

A gift basket of flowers will brighten any new mom’s day. Add some lavender or some sachets to keep her home smelling fresh. Bonus:Deliver with a vase so she doesn’t have to search for one.

20. Essential Oils Diffuser

Gifting a diffuser is a thoughtful gift for a new mom to receive. Lavender oil is a good, calming choice. Peppermint oil has been known to decrease breast milk supply for moms. It can be a good idea to check in and learn a new mom’s preference for scents when gifting oils.

21. Frame a Family Photo

Frame a photo of mom, dad, and baby. Or just mom and baby. Or just baby – many options! If you give your gift basket within a month or so after birth, this can be a great “first photo” gift idea.

22. Newborn Photoshoot Gift Card

A newborn photoshoot can take thought and planning, so gifting a gift card for one can be a big time saver for a new mom.

23. Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… and a new mom’s, too! You don’t need to gift diamonds, but a personalized necklace is a special touch to add to a new mom's basket. Especially if you know the baby’s name and personalize it on the necklace – this is a great gift for a mom to treasure.

Best Pre-Made or Subscription New Mom Gift Baskets

Gift boxes wrapped with a bow have a tag that says, "Just FOR YOU."

I shared a few of my fave subscription boxes for our Mother’s Day blog post, so make sure to check those out. Here are a few more ideas for 1-stop-shop ideas to find the perfect gift for a new mom who just gave birth.

When Should I Deliver a Postpartum Gift Basket to a Mom Who Just Gave Birth?

You may wonder when the best time to deliver a gift basket might be. Should it be waiting at their home when they come from the hospital? Is it best to wait a few weeks and let everyone settle in? Or will a new mom need some self-care support on Day 1?

The answer is Yes.

To all of the above!

There’s no perfect time, just like there’s no perfect gift. You know your family member or friend the best, so you’ll know what a good time for them to receive the gift basket is. Here are a couple of pointers on delivery timing:

  • Contact the spouse/partner for the best time to drop off the gift basket.

  • Ask if it’s OK if you leave it for them (on the porch, etc.) to avoid interrupting.

  • There’s no right or wrong time. Some new moms need support right away. Some people have support for the first month and then that support ends. So that’d be a good time (Month 2 postpartum) to deliver a gift basket.

Final Thoughts for Sending the Perfect Gift Basket to a Mom Who Just Gave Birth

Whatever type of self-care, DIY, pre-made gift basket you decide to give to the new mom in your life, they’re going to LOVE it.

Moms need all the support they can get. Knowing that someone is thinking of them and sending them thoughtful, comforting, supportive presents to say, “You Got This!” is going to mean the world to them.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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